Pet Tenders
818 Hwy WW
St. Clair, MO 63077

Pet Tenders



Country Boarding Cattery


Our Story: Once upon a time(late 1980’s) a few people, each with a personal history of animal rescue, met while serving on the board of the local humane society.  In time, each went on to serve the animal welfare movement in different roles.  One built a private boarding kennel, which immediately became a potential “rescue facility!”   Knowing our proclivities, we knew we needed to protect ourselves from becoming overwhelmed sheltering homeless animals.  So, the group structured, informally at first, and then more formally, a way to let the facility try to pay for itself privately and still serve rescue, foster, and humane education functions. Home_-_BKFront_Silhouette

The outgrowth was a partnership between the private boarding facility and the non-profit foundation, the board of which includes members of the original core group and clients of the boarding facility.  Eventually we became concerned about the lifetime care of our own animals and we met people needing pet care assistance in life emergencies beyond their control.

We necessarily chose to focus on helping responsible pet guardians & rescuers (who would retain financial responsibility for homeless animals), by providing extended care at a fraction of the normal boarding costs.

Pet Tenders | St Clair, MO | 636-629-3413
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